You know when you read a blog to find out some info and the blogger makes you read their life story first? Food bloggers are the w.o.r.s.t. Like, c’mon, I just want the recipe! If you’re anything like me, you’ve waited until the very last minute to plan supper and are frantically searching the internet. That’s when their blog pops up with your hodge podge of key word ingredient search. No Susan, I don’t want to know what your Great Grandma’s favorite pie was. I just want the recipe. With that said, I’m gonna skip the story and get right down to business. PRIZE INFO for this blog tour (because I’m not Susan, and I know why you all are here!).


  • Grand Prize: 3 New Horizons Patterns, $50 gift card to Raspberry Creek Fabrics, and $35 gift card for So Sew English
  • 2nd Prize: 2 New Horizons Patterns and $50 gift card to Raspberry Creek Fabrics
  • 3rd Prize: 2 New Horizons Patterns and $30 gift card to Mily Mae Fabric Shop

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All of the patterns featured during the tour will be on sale this week too!  So be sure to check out the other bloggers to see what they came up with and get some inspiration.  The patterns on sale are the Women’s and Girl’s Portlanders, Dublin Dolman, New Orleans Tee, Swiss Army Shirt, Women’s Bayside Romper, Harbor Hoodie, Marbella Tank, and the Boardwalk Wrap Dress.

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Harbor Hoodie to Summer Duster

Next up, how I transformed the Harbor Hoodie into a summer duster. I have been in dire need of a duster. I haven’t made a single one. Which is such a shame because I wear cardigans daily. It’s one of those projects that I just keep thinking, “Oh! I need to do that”. I know you get me. The Harbor Hoodie is a winter staple, but I love making the unexpected from patterns. I had extra yardage of this luscious, drapey bamboo spandex from Surge Fabric Shop so it had to become my new duster!

Outlined below are the major changes I did to transform it from a winter jacket to summer duster. Hard to believe, but this is the same pattern!

  • Added 14″ to the length
  • Cut it to have short sleeves, added the ruffles
  • Left it unlined
  • Used the collar as a facing
  • Cut 16″ side slits

Added 14″ in Length at the Bottom

Hacked sleeves to be short; added a ruffle

I cut the sleeve 2″ below the armscye. Then added a 3″ wide ruffle that was double the length of my sleeve opening. I gathered that 3″ x 28″ strip of fabric and attached to the bottom of the sleeve.

Unlined with a Collar Facing

The Harbor Hoodie is intended to be fully lined, but since I wanted to wear it during summer I opted to skip the lining. The one major problem I had to solve was how to I finish the collar since there was no lining.

My options were:

  • folding under and topstitching, but that left a lot of extra fabric bunched up at the neck.
  • folding the collar over like it was intended, but that left the collar seam exposed. I considered finishing that seam with trim or a strip of fabric
  • ultimately I settled on folding the collar inward and using it as a facing. The two pictures below show how clean it looks folded under. I topstitched all the way around the collar and the facing stays put!

16″ Side Slits

Thanks for taking time to read my blog, here’s to hoping you enjoy summer and stop to smell the flowers ❤